Avalon III - August Update

06 Aug 2022 - MarcatoSound

It’s time for another Avalon III status update! (Totally not almost a week late.)

As previously mentioned, updates for the foreseeable future will be a bit smaller, especially as we go into the new school year. July was a CRAZY productive month, but we don’t want to show too much too quickly… If you’re hungry for more or if you’re new here, check out our July update post!

We finally have an official website!!

Thanks to the hard work of Yeetus, Avalon now has a landing website where we’ll be posting updates, previews, and general promotional material to get people excited. You can find it at https://playavalon.net.

Altaath and Faria have been fully generated!

The forest region of Faria finished generating, and the coastal highland zone of Altaath has had all its biomes compiled, painted and pre-generated as well! Faria is already receiving building (as seen in the updates channel), and Altaath is now ready for building as well.

A small birch forest on an Altaath peninsula

All biomes for Eladania have been designed!

The mountain region of Eladania, teased in July, has had all of its biomes configured. After some fixes are done to the generation algorithm, we’ll be compiling and painting the zone for pregeneration. Check out some screenshots of the biomes below!

Eladania Eladania, nighttime Eladania hot springs

release wen?

We’re not quite ready to talk about a release window yet, as there’s still a LOT of work to do, not least of all being the programming of the actual systems and core gameplay elements. They’re well under way, but even with a whopping 30 people on our staff team now, we can only work so fast! We have a target release window in mind, but it’s not something we can share with confidence yet. Thanks for being so patient everyone.

Avalon’s 5-Year Anniversary

In July of 2017, the Black Plasma Gaming Server re-opened with me as its new operator. This has since been referred to by the community as “Avalon 1.0” and was the start of our journey as Avalon. It has now been 5 years with the Avalon project and community! It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this for so long… and I’ve never been more excited for the future. Here’s to another 5 years of Avalon. ;D

In honor of this, we will be holding a showcase livestream for Avalon III here on Discord where we will visit some of the locations of Avalon, discuss the project, and answer questions. We may even share a few of the more gameplay oriented ideas we’ve been working on. All are welcome to tune in, and the whole team is excited to share what we’ve been up to!

The 5th Anniversary Event will be held August 13th at 11am PST!!

Here’s the event link

That’s all for now! Thank you everyone for your incredible support, and welcome to all the newcomers! Until next time!