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Survival MMORPG coming to Minecraft 1.19.4+

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Various combat classes


Say hello to a whole new combat system.

Break the ceiling of vanilla with six combat classes and many more custom weapons.
It's up to you how you want to destroy your enemies.
Various combat classes


Dive into the vast expanse of Avalon.

Explore a land rich with culture through quests and dungeons.
Climb the mountains of Eladania, or trek through the forests of Faria.
Various combat classes


"The world needs more people like you."

A primordial evil threatens to destroy everything in its path.
Expose the ancient clash between magic and technology as you face the Nightmare.

1.19.4 SMP

Avalon development is well underway.
In the meantime, come hang out with us at mc.playavalon.net!
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